Good Bouncy Hair

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am officially moved in to my new homestead (aka: a room in my Aunt and Uncle's house) and tomorrow I will be officially moved out of my apartment. I left it on Wednesday all empty and scrubbed clean, but tomorrow I am going to take care of the moving-out-office-buisness.

It will be strange living with people again, especially in a house. After moving from Minnesota to Texas for school in 2005, I lived in the dorms for a year, than an apartment with roommates for two years, and then in my lovely little loft apartment all by my happy lonesome (plus boyfriend's happy lonesome on weekends) for one year. And now here I am. They offered the free rent, which means I should finally be able to finish school this year. I'll take it.

Why am I not living with boyfriend? His family is Catholic. It would so not be worth fighting with his parents. And his grandma. That woman could kill someone with sheer willpower if she wanted to. Good thing she tends to use her powers for good, and minor annoyance.

The scale has started creeping down again at it's slow-but-usually-sure pace, which is good. And my Aunt who is visiting this weekend commented on how great I look and immediately asked me how much weight I have lost (which is about 10 pounds after my yearish of maintenanceish time. About 30 total.) So anyway- she noticed, and that is fabulous.

And it was a good hair day. Very bouncy. Which is really all that matters, hence the title.


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