Sitting On My Sore Bum.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My bum bone is not getting better. It hurts like a mofo. All of the time. I doubt there is a good time to bruise your tailbone but it really sucks when you have the following things going on in your life:

  • School. Sitting in hard chairs 4 straight hours a day.
  • Work. Standing on hard floor in bad shoes or sitting on a hard stool.
  • Moving. Seriously, how did I earn the bad karma that is making me constantly bend and twist and squat and lift boxes while I feel like my ass is betraying my body.
  • Work outs. What work outs? Exactly. Besides my crazy rebellious walk the day after the great stair tumble, I have not done any exercise this week. At least I am losing, but I really want to pick it up a little bit. I probably only want to because I can't.
I know I am complaining, but I am crabby. Okay, really I'm not. Boyfriend made it too hard to be crabby tonight. He picked me up after class this afternoon, and had me cuddle up in his recliner chair in a non-bum-hurting position while he cooked me dinner, let me take a nap, and then put in Sweeny Todd. He also wrote me two sweet letters tonight. The first to read right away, and the second sealed, only to be read at home alone. Such a lovely man.

So I am not grumpy, even though I want to be. Really I am at home feeling excited about a day off tomorrow and determined to really start moving some of my stuff. I am also stoked about my steady steady steady weightloss since I had my revelation 25 days ago. This morning I weighed in at 196.2 (yay). I am not allowing myself to be scared of the 190s. I have never in all these years of struggle been able to fight my way totally through the 190s. But it is not a struggle this time. Not a fight. I feel like I am skating right through them, and am excited about being almost halfway through these particularly tricky pounds.

Although, it would be nice if I was speed skating. Meh, I will settle for wobbly-kneed, ankle-turned gliding.


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