Teaxas Roadhouse Rant

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am so mad at Texas Roadhouse. I am mad at restaurants in general, but Texas Roadhouse is taking the brunt of it today. So here's the story (all about how my life got flip-turned upsidown...) I am sick of being undermined by restaurants. In my recent history (this spring) I have only slipped up when I have been pushed out of my normal routine. I have only been able to manage restaurants when I pick them and am able to carefully review their nutrition information before I leave the house and get there all prepared.

So last night I faced my greatest fear: Dinner at a restaurant that I did not pick. Shudders. It was for my Aunt's birthday, a very worthy cause, but why Texas Roadhouse? Where there are peanuts and buttery rolls on the table, and mashed potatoes screaming out to me from the menu. "Maaaaaanda. Have you forgotten us? We only want to make sure you maintain a decent amount of lumpiness on your bum and thighs. We are only thinking of you!"

Okay, in all honesty, I was basically a superhero. I got there, told Boyfriend that I was not having any rolls or peanuts and he gave me an encouraging nod. I ate a house salad minus the dressing, a cup of delicious green beans, and oven roasted chicken minus the skin. It was finger-lickin' tasty, and I was able to enjoy time with my family without thinking about the food. The potatoes really did not call out to me at all. The tempting bread and peanuts did not distract me from conversation. And I did not feel any food envy. I was satisfied.

So yeah yeah, I am finally making strides in correcting my twisted relationship with food. And yeah yeah, these successes are mysterious and amazing. But what I am most fixated on is my anger toward's the restaurant. I am proud that I was able to make amazing choices (and see a drop in the scale today) using only my own common sense, but why do they have to make it so difficult. Go ahead, read their statement and just try not to get in a tizzy. Go here, and click on Nutritional Information from the menu: http://www.texasroadhouse.com/contact-us/

Did you read it? Did you manage not to make annoyed-huffy sounds while you did? Do you know how sick I am of restaurants being so selfish? Go ahead, have your 1500 calorie meals, but just tell me! Just share your most accurate informaiton so your customers are able to eat with you regardless of their health concerns and plans.

Okay, rant over. I am patting myself on the back for excellent choices the resulted in a delicious and nutricious meal. And I am waiting for the day when I can always know what exactly I am putting into my mouth.

Now I am going to focus on the fact tht it was so easy... My relationship with food has been changing so much. More on that later.


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