Water Mug

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am still without coffee. Ridiculous, no? And I really like to save my tea for the evening. So this morning it was ice water out of my giant coffee mug. Was it the next best thing? No. But, I can not remember the last time I met my water-intake-goal for the day- so perhaps not a bad idea.

In other news: I am trying to figure out how to exercise with my stair-tumbling-induced-injury. My tailbone is bruised (possibly sprained,) and I am having constant pain in my lower back. I have been trying to walk to campus whenever possible, but I am basically not burning any extra calories. I really want to be doing kickboxing (my current favorite) but that is out of the question. And I honestly can not figure out any cardio workout that does not result in serious pain. Any suggestions?

Readings for my literary criticism class are calling me, and I better answer (reluctantly.) I hope you had a happy day filled with coffee and a great cardio burn.


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