Airport Delays

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am writing today from chilly Minnesota, after a long and frustrating day of travel yesterday. My flight was out at 5:30 pm, and boyfriend dropped me off super duper early. I was through check-in and security, chillaxing in the gate by 3:30. So, obviously, my flight was delayed. Twice. And then we had to circle for 20 minutes above Iowa before we finally landed in Minneapolis. Apparently there was construction on the runway in MSP- causing a huge backup. All of the ingredients for a dangerous day were there. Extra time at the airport, boredom, frustration- it was quite the test.

But I came through strong! I did well initially in the airport, munching on the trail mix I had packed and sipping on some water. The first delay did not throw me off my groove. I just grabbed my bag, tuned my ipod to a zipping playlist, and power walked all the way across the incredibly long terminal. The walk ended at McDonalds, and my heart was pumping. I ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (220 calories) and only used a touch of the dressing (50 calories tops.) It was tasty and satisfying, and left me feeling strong in my convictions. Then I power walked back to my gate, just in time to hear them announce the second delay. I used my second extra hour to book-it back down the terminal and peruse the bookstore. I was frustrated, and the bars were hard to resist, but I opted for water. The actual plane ride went well, too. I was not even tempted by the expensive (both in dollars and calories) snacks. I was quite content with my fruit leather.

So I am finally home. My family and my puppy are happy, and so am I. Today is going to prove challenging as well, and possibly quite entertaining. I will keep the updates coming- I think it will be helpful to have somewhere to report to. Have a good day. Do some dancing.


Betsy August 21, 2009 at 10:53 AM  

Woo Hoo! Good job at the airport! I probably would have sat around reading a book, so power walking around is fab!

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