Chocolate, Bob, and Jillian

Monday, August 3, 2009

The scale fairy has not delivered a new number for three days. That is not abnormal, really, but it is annoying. I am sitting at 193.0 and am itching to be down in the 192 range- and itching even more to hit 189. So close I can almost taste it (hopefully it is low-cal. come on, that deserves a chuckle. or at least one of those laughy-puffs-of-air, I believe they are called chortles.)Chortle Away.

I am guessing the stalemate on the scale (scalemate? hah) has to do with Mr. Hershey. I have eaten two milk chocolate bars in the last two days. I did fit those 220x2 calories into my day, which I am proud of. In the past, before my miraculous mental transformation, eating something like that (especially two days in a row)
would have sent me spiraling downward, searching for more and more.. Leading to a binge. This time, however, I did not even feel myself fighting against the all-powerful force of the binge. My body is probably in shock, wondering where it's freaking binge is. I would bet all of my Wasa crackers that it is holding on at 193 because it knows I am only headed up (the bad kind of up.) Well, self, it's not going to happen. I have too much annoying positive energy for that to happen right now. Take that.

In other news: Since Jillian Michaels abandoned me (or rather abandoned her radio show which I had an unhelathy attachment to- see Radio Detox) I decided to finally pick up a copy of Master Your Metabolism. It's not that I think my metabolism is a serious problem, I am just craving some of JM's no-nonsense nutrition/supplement information. What can I say, I am a vitamin salesperson/nutrition nerd. I could spend hours and hours and hours boring you with info, but I am always wanting more, and JM is a factual goddess.

These days I seem to be using the Biggest Loser gurus as two of my major full-time support staff. Granted, I have put the time in. And I activley seek information, but 43 days ago Bob helped me realign my inner-compass, and maybe Jillian will help me realign my metabolism.

Or maybe all of the interesting facts will simply satisfy my nerdy-informaiton-cravings. Win-Win Baby.


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