Ignore the scale and the Frankenfoods.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The scale gods cursed me because I was getting too scale obsessed yesterday. Just glance at yesterday's post and you can see the obsession glimmering through the surface. I suppose it leaked in after being stuck at 193 for three days. Honestly, I woke up this morning with that same combination of jitters and nausea I used to get during my weekly WW (online) weigh-ins. I could not wait to hop on that scale and become acquainted with my new number. What was my punishment for this obsession? An inexplicable 0.6 lb gain this morning. I know it is simply normal daily fluctuations, and luckily the small gain forced me to laugh at myself and shed the number fixation.

And what could be an even more hilarious/odd detail about all of this? Yesterday I noticed that a pair of pants and a skirt from the not-so-fat/has-not-fit-in-years section of my closet buttoned and zipped without the dreaded process of laying on the bed and sucking my gut in. And, one of my favorite button-up tunics no longer has an evil button gap over my ample chest! It just buttons straight down. Lovely.

After all of that, my brain still got caught up in the number game for a day. No more of that nonsense.

I have probably said this a lot recently (because I have been thinking it a lot) but I really need to focus on clean eating. Yes, I have stuck within my calorie range for the last 44 days, but I find myself become a little lazy in the actual food choices. I am reaching for processed/packaged Frankenfood junk more often that I care to admit. It is just so easy and available, especially now that I am shacking up at N&J's (my aunt and uncle's.) What am I going to do about this? Why, make a list of course. I live for lists.

Things to focus on for the next 44+ days:

  • Eating clean/organic whenever humanly possible- possibly following a lot of JM's tips in Master Your Metabolism as I delve further in. Forget the Frankenfoods!
  • No more diet pop. None. At all. Seriously, break up with the diet pop.Unless you want to kill yourself one diet coke at a time. Which you don't. So stop it. Now.
  • Water. Water. Water.
  • Consistent workouts. I have been so pathetic in this department.
That seems like a sufficient list. And this seems like a sufficient post.


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