Minnesota: Day One

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So yesterday was my first full day at home in Minnesota, and I survived. How well did I do, you ask? Well, I was not exactly the perfect little eating champion I had imagined. Seriously, I have been imagining it for a week. I saw myself swooping into my little hometown grocery store and searching for almond butter, organic veggies, fish (not to be all mixed together.) I pictured myself cooking healthy meals and feeling a little high-and-mighty.

Well, I don't really like that elitist picture of myself. I am so so so not that way. I guess it's okay that things turned out a little differently. It has not been perfect. I did not spend transform into a gourmet organic chef overnight, and had no desire to spend my vacation scouring the grocery store shelves.

You are wondering what I did eat on the first day of my much-needed vacay. Well, I shall tell you. Keep in mind that my parents don't believe in keeping more then the bare essentials in the kitchen (a trait which I have inherited.) Breakfast was healthy trailmix- odd choice, but very filling. Lunch was interesting. Yesterday just so happened to be the annual Salad Luncheon fundraiser at my church. Lots of tight permed ladies munching on noodle salads and jello salads and tuna puffs. My mother and my second mother (her bestie lady friend) volunteered me to work. I spent a couple of hours clearing and resetting plates. I managed not to snack on any of the cookies lingering around, but my mom came up on her lunch break and we partook in the salad luncheon together. I had no idea how many calories I was taking in, and that freaked me out a bit. But I tried to make good choices, and keep the portions smaller. I don't think it was an epic failure.

And dinner? What dinner? I had a little more trailmix late in the afternoon and then Mom and I went up to the theatre and saw Inglorious Basterds (amaaaaazing) and we ate our traditional kiddie packs. Tiny little diet cokes, a child-sized serving of popcorn, and some candy all in a cute little cardboard tray. Not healthy, but not so tragic considering that was dinner. Although I could have probably done without the three beers at the bar after the movie. But we were being ladies about town, having a nightcap, and having a good time with the regular friday night crowd at our regular friday night place. And they were light beers- practically health food.

So maybe I wasn't a healthy eating champion, but I did not fall into old habits. There was no secret eating. No gorging on whatever I could find around the house. No snacking between my "meals." I really don't think the day was a failure. Plus: I put in 30 minutes of walk/run intervals on the treadmill, biked all over town, and hustled around bussing tables for 2 hours. I burned some calories, baby.

And now it is time to change out of my pjs and see what day two has in store. So I raise my coffee cup and say cheers to everything in moderation! Off we go...


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