Why Hello 180s!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The scale and I had an interesting meeting this morning. I stepped on fully expecting it to be up from yesterday- as tomorrow should be the start of everyone's oh-so-favorite week of the month. I have not been weighing myself daily long enough to really know my body's gain/loss pattern during this time of the month, but I have been shooting up and down the 191 range all week, and I just thought it would spike today.

So I stepped on, more curious about what my body does then interested in seeing the number drop... 189.6! Seriously body, what is your deal? I have not been in the 180s in over five years, and if you decide to gain all of that crazy water weight and spike back up tomorrow- so help me.. .I won't pack any organic cookies or any almonds for the trip to Minnesota next Thursday. Don't mess with me, body.

I have been focused on getting into the 180s for a long time, and I really did not expect it to today. I am so happy with my progress. Sure the numbers on the scale move slowly, and not always consistently, but I am making the best choices. Consistently. Everyday.


Betsy August 17, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

yay for you! breaking into a new decade of smaller numbers is always exciting!

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