Saturday, October 31, 2009

Umm Yes. I think I am on the verge of a comeback.


A Friendly Reminder

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Self:

Just because they are Vitamin C chews does not mean that the calories don't count. I thought you could use the reminder.


P.S. This also applies to fiber chews, calcium chews, acidophilus chews, papaya extract... Basically anything that you are sampling at work.


Garage Sale Kind of Day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday we had our big garage sale fundraiser for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.. And we made $800! Amazing! Now, between the four of us, We only have about $1,600 left to raise. Love that feeling.

I do not, however, love that the walk is only 3 weeks away and I have not been walking much. Yes, I did go out for a great walk on Thursday. But did I go Friday, when I had tons of free time? Nope. And did I go yesterday? Nope. Granted, the garage sale took up most of our day, and then I took an hour long nap before I headed into work for the rest of the night. But I could have walked during that hour and gotten an even bigger energy boost!

Food yesterday was hilariously bad. My aunt made giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I had checked the NI the night before, and discovered that they were well over 400 calories. Yikes. I did not plan on having one until N&J, the Mister and I were all standing out side in the cold dark morning surrounded by the junk of our lives drinking coffee. I caved. But the good news? I only had one.

So after the cinnamon roll at 6:00 in the morning, I did not eat a single thing until lunch after the garage sale.. We did not eat until close to 2:00, and were starving! N&J ordered a pizza and not only did I eat it.. I had three pieces! Three! And was still hungry. That's what I get for not fueling my body every 4-5 hours.

N and I had debated on getting frozen yogurt (not a bad choice) after the pizza, but we really did not want to drive all the way across town (this garage sale was seriously exhausting) so I suggested Sonic- which is right down the street. Why on earth would I suggest that? And then why wouldn't I just get a diet cherry limeade or something? Instead, we both got these mocha java chip ice cream drink things. They were AMAAAAAZING. But afterwords I felt SICK. Blech. My stomach seriously rebelled on my from all of the crappy foods, and I did not eat another thing the rest of the day (except for a biscuit before bed to get over the hungries and fall asleep.)

All in all, was my day a major fail? Nah. Seriously ridiculously bad choices, but I think I have one win amongst the fails. I did not continue to shovel food into my mouth the rest of the night. Sure the food I ate wasn't the best, but I did not let it push me over the cliff. I think I am going to put a check in the win column!


That's the way we spell...

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday morning, I actually did get up at the still-dark-hour of six and went for a walk. I walked for an hour, and was keeping a pretty dern good pace- I went at least 4 miles. And this morning my body is a little sore. Seriously, body? It was a walk. You really can not handle an hour of power-walking seamlessly? I appreciate you not crying out in pain, but even the dull ache annoys me.

Thank goodness I finally got my flabby bum out the door and training again. Three weeks left until the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. To be honest, I probably do not have enough time to be in tip-top shape. But I am going to fit in some sort of walk everyday until then, which should be enough to strengthen up my muscles a bit and toughen up my feet.

I did not hit the pavement bright and early this morning, because it is my day off from work and class and I wanted to sleep in. But I think the Mister and I are going to go later today.

My eating has been great all week, and I even did a bit of exercise (rare for me with my insane schedule these days.) And, go figure, the fat is just sliding right off.


Magic Pants

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear readers. I am still wearing most of the pants that I wore 43 pounds ago. In what way is this normal? Granted, my pants are quite baggy. A gentle tug would pull them down. But still, why do they fit at all? And, perhaps a better question, how terrible did they look on me at 227 pounds? Seriously. They should have fit. And they should not fit now. Perhaps they are magic pants? All of them?

Maybe the weight-loss-gods are still looking out for me. They must know that I am lacking in funds. As much as the still-fitting pants annoy me, I am a pinch grateful, because I could honestly not even afford one new pair right now.

And now I should probably make an attempt at sleep, as I am getting my lazy bones out of bed when the clock strikes sixish. I have to walk 60 miles in less than 4 weeks- mayhaps I should do a wee bit of training.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The weight-loss-gods smiled upon me yesterday. After a week of questionable eating (which including two trips to the state fair) I stepped on the scale.


Less then a pound gain. Which came off the next day.

Recently, every time I falter for a while, the weight just falls off as soon as I get back on track. But I don't want to continue testing this theory.

So thank you oh great and skinny weight-loss-gods. I lay many raw veggies on the floor beneath your chiseled bodies.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have had a terrible week, food-wise. And what started that? Going to the state fair last Sunday with the Mister.

And what are we doing tomorrow? Going to the state fair with his parents.

Great. Really freaking great.


Stress+Emotional Eating= Shameless Fundraising Tactics?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So I am too stressed to even write about how stressed I am. And what does stress make me do? Eat. As in a huuuuge greasy slice of pizza, chicken nuggets and waffle fries, starbursts, a starbucks coffee energy drink... ICK! I feel disgusting. I thought I was past this. Well past all of this. All of this crap. But there it is folks.

In happier news.. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is rocking. Although I am only 24% to the minimum fundraising requirement for the 3-Day walk, and it is only 29 days away.. Yikes. I always feel like the slacker teammate, even though I fundraise like crazy. My friends are all just young and broke, and don't realize that every single dollar actually makes a difference. Apparently they don't believe me when I say that there is no donation too small.

Even their moral support would be appreciated, but apparently they are sick of hearing me talk about it (this is my third year doing the walk.) But I am not going to stop until there is a freaking cure for this freaking disease, even if I have to sell plasma to get the money.

Maybe that is what I will do tomorrow- go and sell my plasma in the name of breast cancer research and awareness. I am so emotional over the way this disease has affected my family, and I am so tired of hearing about it claiming the lives of women (and some men) all over the world.

I suppose it would be appropriate to post the link to my 3-Day fund-raising page again... I have more info about the walk there, plus a picture of my lovely team- The Tenacious Turtles. If you have an extra dollar or two, and have been looking for a place to donate during Breast Cancer Awareness month- I sure wouldn't mind.

And if you don't, that is okay do. I sure don't expect it. But I could use a pat on the back. And a hug. And maybe a tissue. And a drink.

And one more time with that link. Save Second Base.


The Big Four

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weight loss is so confusing. I have this theory that I our body is reluctant to let go of fat that it has been clinging to for years, but is more willing to hand over recently added fat.

And what information did I use to develop this theory? Well clearly I have had some less-than-on-track days over the past month, it did not get too crazy, but four pounds did slowly creep back up (after many ups and downs within the month.) Anyway, this week I have been fully committed. My eating and tracking have been great, but most importantly- my clear focus and good frame of mind are back.

And guess what happened? I have lost all four of those re-gained pounds. Every last one of them. Since Sunday.

I have decided to be happy... but not trust this body of mine. It is very mischievous.


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