The Big Four

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weight loss is so confusing. I have this theory that I our body is reluctant to let go of fat that it has been clinging to for years, but is more willing to hand over recently added fat.

And what information did I use to develop this theory? Well clearly I have had some less-than-on-track days over the past month, it did not get too crazy, but four pounds did slowly creep back up (after many ups and downs within the month.) Anyway, this week I have been fully committed. My eating and tracking have been great, but most importantly- my clear focus and good frame of mind are back.

And guess what happened? I have lost all four of those re-gained pounds. Every last one of them. Since Sunday.

I have decided to be happy... but not trust this body of mine. It is very mischievous.


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