Garage Sale Kind of Day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday we had our big garage sale fundraiser for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.. And we made $800! Amazing! Now, between the four of us, We only have about $1,600 left to raise. Love that feeling.

I do not, however, love that the walk is only 3 weeks away and I have not been walking much. Yes, I did go out for a great walk on Thursday. But did I go Friday, when I had tons of free time? Nope. And did I go yesterday? Nope. Granted, the garage sale took up most of our day, and then I took an hour long nap before I headed into work for the rest of the night. But I could have walked during that hour and gotten an even bigger energy boost!

Food yesterday was hilariously bad. My aunt made giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I had checked the NI the night before, and discovered that they were well over 400 calories. Yikes. I did not plan on having one until N&J, the Mister and I were all standing out side in the cold dark morning surrounded by the junk of our lives drinking coffee. I caved. But the good news? I only had one.

So after the cinnamon roll at 6:00 in the morning, I did not eat a single thing until lunch after the garage sale.. We did not eat until close to 2:00, and were starving! N&J ordered a pizza and not only did I eat it.. I had three pieces! Three! And was still hungry. That's what I get for not fueling my body every 4-5 hours.

N and I had debated on getting frozen yogurt (not a bad choice) after the pizza, but we really did not want to drive all the way across town (this garage sale was seriously exhausting) so I suggested Sonic- which is right down the street. Why on earth would I suggest that? And then why wouldn't I just get a diet cherry limeade or something? Instead, we both got these mocha java chip ice cream drink things. They were AMAAAAAZING. But afterwords I felt SICK. Blech. My stomach seriously rebelled on my from all of the crappy foods, and I did not eat another thing the rest of the day (except for a biscuit before bed to get over the hungries and fall asleep.)

All in all, was my day a major fail? Nah. Seriously ridiculously bad choices, but I think I have one win amongst the fails. I did not continue to shovel food into my mouth the rest of the night. Sure the food I ate wasn't the best, but I did not let it push me over the cliff. I think I am going to put a check in the win column!


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