Magic Pants

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear readers. I am still wearing most of the pants that I wore 43 pounds ago. In what way is this normal? Granted, my pants are quite baggy. A gentle tug would pull them down. But still, why do they fit at all? And, perhaps a better question, how terrible did they look on me at 227 pounds? Seriously. They should have fit. And they should not fit now. Perhaps they are magic pants? All of them?

Maybe the weight-loss-gods are still looking out for me. They must know that I am lacking in funds. As much as the still-fitting pants annoy me, I am a pinch grateful, because I could honestly not even afford one new pair right now.

And now I should probably make an attempt at sleep, as I am getting my lazy bones out of bed when the clock strikes sixish. I have to walk 60 miles in less than 4 weeks- mayhaps I should do a wee bit of training.


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