Stress+Emotional Eating= Shameless Fundraising Tactics?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So I am too stressed to even write about how stressed I am. And what does stress make me do? Eat. As in a huuuuge greasy slice of pizza, chicken nuggets and waffle fries, starbursts, a starbucks coffee energy drink... ICK! I feel disgusting. I thought I was past this. Well past all of this. All of this crap. But there it is folks.

In happier news.. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is rocking. Although I am only 24% to the minimum fundraising requirement for the 3-Day walk, and it is only 29 days away.. Yikes. I always feel like the slacker teammate, even though I fundraise like crazy. My friends are all just young and broke, and don't realize that every single dollar actually makes a difference. Apparently they don't believe me when I say that there is no donation too small.

Even their moral support would be appreciated, but apparently they are sick of hearing me talk about it (this is my third year doing the walk.) But I am not going to stop until there is a freaking cure for this freaking disease, even if I have to sell plasma to get the money.

Maybe that is what I will do tomorrow- go and sell my plasma in the name of breast cancer research and awareness. I am so emotional over the way this disease has affected my family, and I am so tired of hearing about it claiming the lives of women (and some men) all over the world.

I suppose it would be appropriate to post the link to my 3-Day fund-raising page again... I have more info about the walk there, plus a picture of my lovely team- The Tenacious Turtles. If you have an extra dollar or two, and have been looking for a place to donate during Breast Cancer Awareness month- I sure wouldn't mind.

And if you don't, that is okay do. I sure don't expect it. But I could use a pat on the back. And a hug. And maybe a tissue. And a drink.

And one more time with that link. Save Second Base.


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