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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am still alive.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day was great, and I managed to raise all $2,300 before the big event. I can not believe we have been a part of it for three years. Amazing.

My mom was here (for the walk) and we did some wedding business- twas great fun. I feel like I am actually planning a wedding now, finally. Trying on wedding dresses=hilarious. They are ridiculously heavy!

Speaking of wedding dresses... I want a vintage gown. And I found THE PERFECT DRESS! Gorgeous. They pulled it out of some dusty back-room at a little private dress shop when I said that I was looking at vintage gowns. It is only $99 (woot) but it is too small (not woot.) Know what that means? I need to stop being so: Lethargic. Uncommitted. Lazy. Complacent.

I am really really really trying to dig out of this giant rutty hole. I could use some help.

(Missed you.)


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