Helvetica, Pizza, and Wine. Oh My.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One final left until my penultimate undergrad semester ends, and I am beginning to have those annoyingly optimistic feelings about Aught Ten. And those feelings turned into ideas scribbled in a notebook while I leisurely clean, do laundry, and listen to my favorite podcast: Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. I am going to let the list simmer a bit and grow ridiculously long, and then I plan to post it for your collective amusement.

Last night, The Mister and I were planning to go for a walk. I love walking with him, especially this time of year. In the summer when we walk, I am always focused on working up a sweat and thinking about how firm my behind will be by Christmas. In the winter, however, I am much more content. I usually do not even change into workout clothes. Just jeans and sneakers and some ridiculous hat with a puff ball on the top that Texans do not understand. I daydream about snow and fireplaces and let him hold my hand.

But we did not take our walk last night. We strolled down the street to the Italian restaurant where we had our first date and ate large quantities of fabulous pizza. Then we strolled back home to "not our place" (The Mister's apartment) drank wine that had a Christmas Tree on the label, and watched the fantastic documentary film Helvetica.

Perhaps I will make my Christmas venture to Minnesota with 1/2 pound fluffier than I had hoped for, but it was all in the name of my favorite things (not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.) And you know what? I doubt my family and friends will notice or care.

Cheers to Merry Days and Cozy Nights.


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