Breakdown Baby

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Had a little breakdown last night. Okay, a ridiculous breakdown. I literally fell to the ground on my knees and yelled when I realized that I had accidentally eaten a half cup instead of a quarter cup of rice with dinner.

Apparently I had REALLY been looking forward to some almonds after class, but the extra rice put me at the top of my daily limit. In case you didn't catch it before, I will repeat myself. I literally fell onto my knees, yelling and crying, and held my head in my hands curled up on the floor. The floor of my fiance's apartment. While he sat 10 feet away watching me. Then I continued to freak out and would not let him talk to me about it for an hour.

But I did let him talk to me eventually. I even listened. Really listened- he broke through all of my stubbornness. I have been struggling so much the past few months, even on my good days, but I feel different today. Perhaps it is not so bad after all, letting the blockade down.

Here's to the people who love us in our worst moments, and the people who will read about them without judgment.


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