Monday, February 8, 2010

If you are what you eat, then today I was:

  • A bagel with honey almond cream cheese
  • A Reese's Christmas Tree (about the size of a regular tree)
  • Oneish serving of stale tortilla chips
  • A store brand Nutri-Grain bar (my fruit for the day, apparently)
  • Several large handfuls of Cheez-Its
  • Four chewy valentines mints
  • Lots of coffee
  • Diet Coke (love that aspartame)
Monday hates me. And now my stomach hates me, too.

But I refuse to hate myself.

Housekeeping: I was just notified that my comments feature has not been working- for quite some time apparently. Whoops. Comment option has been restored.

Carry on.


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