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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two posts in as many days. I am a blogging superhero.

And now for more specifics on my recent focus shift. Remember when I said that I am simply scribbling my calories on a post-it throughout the day and then tossing it before bed? Well that is true, but there is a chart. Of course there is a chart. I live for weight-loss charts. But this one is simple. I am not logging all my food stats into some online program, and I am not trying to become an excel master. I printed off a little chart that takes me through the next three months and track my daily weight, exercise, and calories. Just the total calorie sum for the day. I am very happy with it! I also have a weekly goal, so I can see how I am doing over time. The chart hangs on the back of my door, a constant reminder of the goals I have. The reasonable goals.

So that is all for today. I expect to be posting much more than I have been recently, so please check back! Also, I am going to post my weight on the blog once a week. So now you will know exactly how lumpy my ass is at all times. Full disclosure. I will be doing that each Thursday- the day that I have a weekly goal marked on my happy little chart. How's that for excitement.

Peace and love Pumpkins!


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