Chinese and Charts and Stickers, oh my!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ate Chinese food today. So. Much. Chinese. Food.

It had tofu in it, which means it is healthy.. right? And you can't eat the egg drop soup without those crunchy fried chip things. Duh.

Seriously, though, I did not go crazy. The meal was loaded with veggies, and they went light on the sauce. Plus I only ate half, and saved the rest for another day. On top of that, I ate this about mid afternoon, so it counted for both lunch and supper. Lupper. Sunch. Yuuuum.

Eight hours later and my stomach is still content. I am one happy lady.

Not to nerd-out about my chart again, but I am totally going to nerd out about my chart again. I love my chart! I love having it on my door. It is not in a little notebook that can get lost in the shuffle of my desk or "accidentally" left in a purse when I make a bag-swap. Nope. It is on my door- reminding me that if I do not follow through, I will have to stare at the evidence everyday- not just in the mirror, but on my door as well.

I am staring fondly at my chart right now, and the progress that I have made in just over a week (coughplusthreeyearscough) and I feel great... but the chart is looking a little bland. All that black and white. I should have written in glittery gel pens or something. Maybe I can amp it up with some stickers. Not a lot makes me happier in this world than a good sticker.


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