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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey kids. I have been doing alright, on and off again. For the past couple of months I have been bouncing up and down between 180-190 pounds. It has become quite annoying, really. And then I had another one of my famous break downs the other day. It is totally impossible for me to hit that elusive "goal weight" by the wedding on June 26th, and I had this ridiculous notion that it was all or nothing... If I was not going to be perfect looking that day, then who cares what I look like.

Crazy, I know. I don't really feel that way. I have come to my senses. I did not start all of this in 2007 for a wedding. I did not even know the Mister when I started! This has always been for me. My health. My quality of life.. The kind of life that I want to live. An active life. Walking, biking, swimming, hiking, camping, kickboxing, yoga.. You name it. I want it.

My dirty little secret? I have always sucked at exercise. Even in my stints as a weight-loss machine, I was hardly working out. DVDs off and on, some walking, but never enough, and never for a very long period of time. I have just done it by eating well. Obviously that is one piece of the puzzle, but if I want this to be lasting I really need to work on being more active.

So now, for the first time, exercise is my main focus in this journey. Nothing unmanageable or confusing, just making sure to do something everyday. I am still counting calories, but not in any crazy meticulous programs. Just on a post-it throughout the day, so I don't forget. I write it down, get through the day, and chuck it in the bin at the end of the day.

So we press on...


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