Thursday Weigh

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally Thursday. One week sticking with the plan, nothing to scoff at these days. I have been strictly a "Tuesday Weigher" for the past three years. That happy day when I found my determination and started my journey was a Tuesday, and it just kind of suck. But last Thursday I felt that itch. You know that feeling. Maybe it is less of an itch and more of an interior monologue, voiced by the love child of James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman: It's time, Amanda Lee. Put down the french fries. Toss the chocolate in the bin and pick up the free weights. Pull the stretch pants over your lumpy behind and start dancing. The time has come.

Honestly, who could ignore that itch-inducing voice of James Earl Freeman... Morgan Earl Jones... Either way, it caught me last Thursday and I decided not to store the voice in my pocket until Tuesday. I could not shush it, it had to be Thursday.

My weight last Thursday:
(how many times will I go through these dreaded 180s)

My weight this Thursday:
(only 0.1 behind my weekly goal)

Total overall lard lost:
(hmm.. looks lower than it used to be.)

And that about wraps it up for me. I am out to take charge of another day!


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